These easy Halloween bat treats require only 4 ingredients: edible eye candies, chocolate sandwich cookies, mini reeses cups, and frosting to get everything adhered!

  • prep time 15 minutes
  • total time 15 minutes
  • servings 25 or more (just depends on how many you want to make!)


  • 25 Miniature Reeses Cups
  • 25 Thin Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (plan on having extra in case some don’t break nicely)
  • 1/3 cup Pre-made cream cheese frosting (or homemade)
  • 50 Edible eyes


  1. Remove the wrappers from the Reeses cups.
  2. Break the cookies in half and then separate all of the pieces from one another so you now have four “bat wings”. Scrape off the frosting and discard (or eat!)
  3. Fill up a plastic bag with the store bought or homemade frosting. Cut off the tip of the bag and pipe frosting onto the back corners of the broken cookie pieces.
  4. Press one cookie piece on the left of the Reeses cup and another cookie piece on the right of the Reeses cup.
  5. Pipe frosting on the back of the edible eyes and secure on top of the center of the Reeses cup.
  6. Enjoy!

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halloween bat treats

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